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Heat resistant labels can be applied on material such as steel, coils, bars, heat furnace stands & carriers, ceramic & glass products & electronic parts. Our heat resistant labels are designed to combat against numerous heat treatments such as homogenizing, annealing. Duralable offers complete custom heat resistant label identification solutions & numerous types of graphic, printing & adhesive options. Material to examine for heat resistant label order include polyester, polycarbonate & metal. Our custom printed labels & decals can be used in a wide variety of industries i.e. asset tracking, electronic labeling, appliance labeling, warning communication, GHS compliant labels. These labels when placed on a product our quality of labels can help improve productivity, performance, safety & security.

We can offer wide range of Speciality Labels like

  • Destructible labels –These labels cannot be removed completely, if removed it will come in small particles.
  • High Glue labels –This label has very high aggressive rubber based adhesive and is mainly designed for low energy substrates below 40 dynes per cm. This label can be applied on any rough and unstructured surfaces.
  • Tyre Label –We have a special label exclusively used for Tyres and rubber industries.
  • Airlines Baggage Tags –We do manufacture very high quality Baggage Tags and security labels for Airlines.
  • Void and Cross marks label –These labels are designed specifically to cover access points that will void the product warranty if they are tampered with, and will show void message if removed. They are made with a silver polyester material with a "VOID" message that becomes irreversibly visible on removal.
  • Customized label as per customer’s requirement.
  • Speciality Label
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